In the Press DRUID Conversational AI Utilities

ContactPoint360’s software team takes requirements and translates them into intuitive bots. We help deploy bots in the cloud and add support to run them in a microservices architecture. With these processes taken care of, your teams can focus on providing a human touch to your business. What living with AI looks like – DailyO […]

Applying next-generation AI to the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform

NHS Case Study Applying AI to the blood supply chain He has applied AI to multiple use cases in diverse sectors such as advertising, retail, e-commerce, fintech, logistics, power systems, and robotics. Additionally, more vendors are investing in automated machines in reaction to the workforce shortage. This is also helping prevent delays down the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science, AI, and ML

How AI and ML can help the public sector push boundaries Unsupervised learning algorithms, on the other hand, do not have labels on the data or output categories – and tend to be used in descriptive modelling and pattern detection. Reinforcement learning uses observations the machine has learned from its interaction with the environment to […]

Automation in Banking and Finance AI and Robotic Process Automation

Automation can help improve employee satisfaction levels by allowing them to focus on their core duties. AI and ML algorithms can use data to provide deep insights into your client’s preferences, needs, and behavior patterns. Cybersecurity is expensive but is also the #1 risk for global banks according to EY. The survey found that cyber […]

Generative AI: Transforming the Future of Marketing

How Googles generative AI is shaping the future of content creation Learn more about ChatGPT fundamentals and explore the different challenges it would have to overcome in the future right now. The most common entry among the ChatGPT future trends Yakov Livshits would refer to personalization. Generative AI could utilize customer information for generative product […]

What could generative AI do for Roblox PGbiz

Roblox Releases Beta for its First Generative AI Game Creation Materials These models are now capable of producing outputs that combine text and visuals, enabling creators to bring their ideas to life more easily. For example, some creators know how to code, but may have limited experience creating high-fidelity 3D models. Others may be more […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Why the future of customer service is AI and humans together Enghouse Interactive France However, shifting the value proposition to make AI products with trust and reliability in mind, including guardrails intended to help guide customers make ethically-informed choices, chimes with him. Business leaders may also lack trust in AI, not least because purportedly artificial intelligence […]